Last Updated: 05 Apr 2020 02:29 PM

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  • 7 signs that say you married the wrong person

    Not all marriages are perfect. There may be times when you’re certain that you have married the wrong person but are unsure.

  • Coronavirus vaccine: When to expect it?

    "The vaccine has progressed into animal testing in the US and, once we confirm it is safe and effective, will then be advanced into human trials,” says Professor Petrovsky, highly stressing that expectations shouldn’t be elevated until all testing is completed.

  • Pregnancy during a pandemic

    I live in constant fear of catching the coronavirus. I fret and panic everytime my husband goes out to buy essentials because I fear he will get the virus back home and I will get affected.

  • How planets impact our food habits

  • Best beauty selfies of the week

    From skin-kissed selfies to post-workout glow, Bollywood celebs are taking Instagram by storm with their quarantine selfies. While we have mostly seen the hottest divas of B-town in dressy clothes and glamourous looks, seeing them dressed in normal clothes and hairstyles is so refreshing.