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  • Odours that COVID patients are unable to smell

    To conduct the study, the aromas were filled in tubes and packed in bags and the volunteers of the study were given a response sheet to fill whether or not, they were able to smell and identify odourants present in the bag.

  • How to flaunt the puffed sleeve trend

    Bollywood divas certainly know how to keep up with the latest trends in fashion. They are always on a lookout for new styles to try. A major trend that has hit B-town is puffed sleeves. Whether you are skinny or curvy, this sleeve style suits every body type. Here's a look at our favourite celebs donning outfits with puffed sleeves:

  • "How I lost 23 kilos in just 5 months!"

    Being a doctor, when 24-year-old Suparna Suthesh saw firsthand how difficult life gets when you pile on excess kilos, she decided there and then to lose all the extra kilos.

  • 5 sunsigns who have the power to influence

    Inspirational people have a profound influence on others with their remarkable and positive qualities. They stay strong, never give up and always help others. They work hard and never give up until they achieve what they want. In the process, they also inspire and attract people who look up to them in awe. Many consider them their idols and they are seen as people who have the power to change and influence the world and its choices. Whether it’s a world leader or a middle-class man, someone's words and actions can hugely influence people. We have zeroed down on 5 zodiac signs who are often the most inspirational people.

  • Ideal weight for Indian women and men

    The National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) has revised the ideal weight for both men and women in the country by adding 5-5 kilos of weight in the average weight of both the genders.

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