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  • Common workout recovery myths

    Not keeping a gap between your workout session can halt your progress and you may not be able to reach your goal.

  • A new archive to Stephen King’s work!

    Fans of Stephen King and aspiring writers shall soon be able to visit and even stay in his home in Bangor, Maine. Read more details here.

  • Tips for long-distance relationships

    To be in a relationship and yet geographically distant, can be difficult and hard to manage. Many believe intimacy and togetherness are the key factors for a relationship to survive, which is automatically lost in a long-distance relationship. However, there are many ways you can develop and maintain an emotionally sound and close relationship with your partner even when you’re far away from one another.

  • How to protect your hair this Diwali

    With Diwali just around the corner, you’ve already got the house decluttered, bought your new clothes, and made a mental checklist of all the yummy mithais you plan to gorge on. But with all that prep, you might be ignoring one key aspect and that’s your hair.

  • How to spend the first hour in the morning?

    If you think submerging yourself in updates, photos or videos the first thing in the morning is recharging you for the day's chores, think again.

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