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  • China, Pakistan differ on Turkey's military offensive in Syria

    The Turkish government wants to create a "safe zone" in the area, where it can resettle up to two million Syrian refugees currently in Turkey. Dozens of civilians have been killed in the operation so far and at least 160,000 have fled the area, according to the United Nations.

  • Egypt archeologists uncover 20 ancient coffins in Luxor

    Egypt's Antiquities Ministry says archeologists have uncovered at least 20 ancient wooden coffins in the southern city of Luxor. Archeologists found the coffins in the Asasif Necropolis. The necropolis, located in the ancient town of West Thebes, includes tombs dating back to the Middle, New Kingdom and the Late Periods (1994 B.C. to 332 B.C.).

  • Brexit deal still possible this week, UK must act now: EU

    A Brexit divorce deal is still possible ahead of Thursday's European Union summit but the British government needs to move ahead with more compromises to seal an agreement in the next few hours, the bloc said Tuesday. Even though many open questions remain, diplomats made it clear that both sides were for the first time within touching distance since an earlier EU-UK Brexit withdrawal plan fell apart in the British House of Commons in March.

  • 85 civilians killed in attacks targeting Afghan election: UN

    The UN released on Tuesday a special report that describes the severe toll of election-related violence on Afghanistan's civilians, mainly from the Taliban's campaign targeting its presidential election last month. The report said that attacks aiming to disrupt the electoral process killed 85 people and wounded 373 others across the country.

  • Public buses return to Tripoli after 30 years

    Parked in a hangar in downtown Tripoli, some 35 buses awaited this week's launch of a new urban public transport scheme - the first in the Libyan capital in three decades. Equipped with wifi and air conditioning, the blue and white buses will run 20 routes.

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  • Punjabi Singer Tanishq Kaur Images,Pics And Bio HD

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    Punjabi Singer Tanishq Kaur Images,Pics And Bio HD

    Get the beautiful Tanishq Kaur images, pics and photos.

    Punjabi singer Tanishq Kaur is a big name these days. Recently her songs like Cuteness, Aakdan are trending all over the internet and people can't stop themselves from grooving on these songs.

    So in this post, we have collected some of the cute and beautiful images of Tanishq Kaur from the internet. We are pretty sure you gonna love these Tanishq Kaur images and pics. So let's have a look at them.

    To download or save any of Tanishq Kaur Photos, just simply right click and save it(for PC users) or hold and tap to save (for mobile users).

    Tanishq Kaur Pics, Images, Wallpapers and Photos

    If you have missed Tanishq Kaur's amazing video songs check them below.

    Tanishq Kaur Song Cuteness

    Tanishq Kaur Song Aakdan

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    More info about Tanishq Kaur Age, Birthplace, upcoming songs

    Tanishq Kaur's real name is Tamanna Kaur Anand. She was born in Ludhiana, Punjab and belongs to the Sikh family. Talking about Tanishq Kaur age, her age is currently not known and we will surely update her age here as soon as we get.

    Tanishq Kaur also appeared in Punjabi music show Voice of Punjab season 7. You can watch the video below.


    If you want to follow or know about the Tanishq Kaur Instagram account just follow the link below.

    Tanishq Kaur Social Media accounts

    Tanishq Kaur Instagram account

    Tanishq Kaur on Facebook - Tanishq kaur

    Tanishq Kaur on Snapchat - tanishqkaur

    Tanishq Kaur on Twitter - tanishqkaur30

    Tanishq Kaur on TikTok - tanishqkaur_

    Contact no. for show - +917589000196

    The above information is collected from various sources from the internet.

    I hope you liked Tanishq Kaur images and wiki information. Please don't forget to share this post with friends on Social media from below buttons and also don't forget to leave a comment below.

    Punjabi Singer Tanishq Kaur Images,Pics And Bio HD